As a professional manufacturer of fitness equipment National Bodyline integrates application, knowledge, engineering design, quality processing and logistics as a whole. While ensuring strict standards for product design, manufacturing, testing, packaging and transportation, product performance is also well ensured by various analog design, material science, special application function and strict performance tests. With several year lot production experience, National Bodyline is improved by using innovative production technology to design and balance system, therefore maximum enhance efficiency and quality, optimize space and reduce waste.

The production site of National Bodyline is very close to clients. We continuously pay close attention to latest industry trend to look for business chance for creating value for clients. Our professional application knowledge has ensured corresponding adjustment of Product platform based on future needs of clients. Harmony, honesty, people orientation and innovation are our management concepts. We treat people's health as our own responsibility. We deeply know that excellent quality is the sunlight, air and water that we are living on. We will do our best to provide excellent services and products, through innovations to serve for people and to create a wonderful health care career.